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About Air Intake Screens

Air Intake Screens are long lasting, weather resistant filters designed specifically for high velocity airflow applications such as chillers, dry air coolers, air handling units, cooling towers and air conditioning units. Distributed by ECEX across the UK and Europe on behalf of the Air Solution Company (, air intake screens offer a simple method of saving money and maintenance time for building or facilities managers.

Prevent airborne debris from clogging internal coil fins, perishable filters and other components by retro-fitting air intake screens to your equipment. Any clogging caused by airborne debris restricts the movement of air, which means that plant has to work harder to draw in its required airflow, costing more money to run and increasing the risk of breakdown and downtime.

Air Intake Screens can be quickly installed to most HVAC plant as each one is individually made-to-measure for their respective applications. With  long product warranties, these highly durable filters can be cleaned using a soft brush, hose or vacuum and significantly reduce onsite maintenance time and cleaning requirements.

Problems with pollen on your condenser coils during spring and summer? Air intake screens are the perfect pollen filters, allowing you to ensure that your equipment is operating at maximum efficiency all year round.

Key benefits include:

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