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Standard Duty ECEX Air Intake Screens – Everyday protection

Standard duty Air Intake Screen

A standard duty air intake screen provides excellent protection for HVAC equipment against pollen, insects, leaves and other airborne debris.

With quick release nylon toggle fasteners, or self-tapping screws with bonded washer fasteners, the standard duty is a versatile washable filter screen product which is UV, mould and flame resistant with low impact upon static pressure.

Low-cost standard duty air intake screen provides fantastic protection for your equipment against seasonal debris.

Fine Mesh ECEX Air Intake Screens – For dust & fine debris

Fine Mesh Air Intake Screen

Our fine mesh air intake screens are perfect for preventing small particles 

Perfect where fine debris and dust are a problem to air handling units, chillers, dry air coolers and air conditioning equipment, a fine mesh air intake screen is UV and flame resistant too.

Manufactured using a polypropylene fibre media with static properties, the fine mesh air intake screen is great for protecting against a wide range of small particulates.

Heavy Duty ECEX Air Intake Screens – 10 year factory warranty

Heavy Duty Air Intake Screen

A heavy duty ECEX Air Intake Screen is a tough and effective filter screen product manufactured using a non-porous vinyl-coated polyester media.

This helps to provide it with a non-stick surface, which greatly assists the cleaning and maintenance process as debris can be simply brushed, vacuumed or hosed off; even the rain has a cleansing effect!

Heavy duty ECEX Air Intake Screens are the most widely used external filter screen in the UK due to a 10 year factory warranty, multiple mounting methods and resistance to mould and UV-related degradation.