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The Summer Is Closing In … slowly

Just as it seems we’re about to see the end of the cold and miserable British weather we’ve become so accustomed to, it strikes back in full force. That said, we did experience a few days of glorious sunshine which served as a welcome reminder that the summer is, albeit slowly, on its way. For […]

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The Importance Of HVAC Maintenance In Maximising Employee Efficiency

The planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule of any facilities team, whether in-house or outsourced, is imperative to the successful operation of any building or facility. Ensuring that mechanical systems are able to provide adequate heating and cooling is essential in providing a comfortable and efficient work environment for employees. However, carrying out routine condenser coil, […]

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Critical Data Centre Cooling: The Increasing Demand For Energy Efficiency In The Pursuit Of Business Continuity

We live in the age of the technological revolution. With endless streams of data and information available at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse, businesses are now able to communicate internationally in an instant, vastly expanding the potential for worldwide business growth and commerce. However, all this data must be […]

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7 Reasons Why No HVAC Plant Should Be Without ECEX Air Intake Screens

ECEX Air Intake Screens are a simple, retro-fitted filtered mesh, with a simple objective: Prevent airborne debris from entering your air intake system without negatively impacting airflow. The benefits of achieving such a simple objective might be greater than you first thought: 1) Reduce perishable filter costs Although the cost of internal air filters is […]

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Exciting Times Ahead For ECEX And Air Intake Screens

Following the hugely successful launch by ECEX of Air Intake Screens to the UK market in 2012, Managing Director John Grenville has just arrived back from a series of extremely positive and constructive meetings in the USA with Randy Simmons, President of screen manufacturers Air Solution Company. “The demand for Air Intake Screens over our […]

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