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Air Intake Screens: Glowing Customer Testimonial After Six Months

It’s always great to receive positive feedback from customers. We installed ECEX Air Intake Screens at internationally renowned university campus earlier this year and it’s fantastic to see such positive feedback after tried and tested usage. “Now that we have had the Air Intake Screens fitted for a period of approximately six months, we have […]

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Whether A Large Or Small Project, Health And Safety Always Comes First At ECEX

When it comes to the installation of ECEX Air Intake Screens, or any other project for that matter, health and safety is always paramount. Whether working from height or within business critical plant areas, our surveyors and engineers are always appropriately qualified to assess and manage any risks before and during installation. ECEX is a […]

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Great Customer Testimonial For Air Intake Screens

Getting great customer feedback always makes a job worthwhile. ECEX introduced the concept of air intake screens to the UK quite some time ago now and at the time, it was very much an unproven concept over here, despite its widespread use over in America. Over time, we’ve not only built up a great reputation […]

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Huge Uptake In Nationwide Interest For ECEX Air Intake Screens

John Grenville, Managing Director of ECEX comments on the recent success of ECEX Air Intake Screens: “Since we returned to work in the New Year I’ve been amazed and delighted at the greatly increased uptake in interest and orders for this highly effective, money-saving product. ECEX Air intake Screens are simply installed to protect chiller […]

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Air Intake Screen Installation Complete: Repeat Business Is The Best Kind Of Business

At ECEX, as for many other service-lead companies, our driving focus is repeat business. By establishing lasting relationships with customers, success is often determined not by the first order that a customer ever places, but by the second, third, fourth and so on… We first attended this site in Berkshire back in March, 2013 to […]

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