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ECEX Air Intake Screen applications

Each air intake screen is manufactured especially for each piece of equipment that it’s fitted to. With a wide range of products and fixing methods, we can help you to protect your HVAC equipment and save money. To see some installation examples, go to our case studies page. 

Air Handling Units & Intake Louvres

Extend filter life and prevent louvres, heating and frost coils from clogging with an  ECEX Air Intake Screen. An air intake screen also maximises airflow efficiency and saves energy when installed before the condenser coils or pre-filter banks. This is because it can be cleaned quickly and easily, allowing maintenance personnel to inspect and remove any airflow restrictions effortlessly.

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Chillers & Dry Air Coolers

ECEX Air Intake Screens will help to reduce excessive energy consumption on chillers and dry air coolers caused by clogging. Eliminate the heavy labour and chemical costs of cleaning debris-contaminated coils. ECEX Air Intake Screens installed in front of your coil can be cleaned in minutes using a soft brush, hoover or washed with a hose.

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Cooling Towers

Reduce chemical water treatment requirement, minimise clogging of strainers and fill components. Prevent efficiency drops caused by airborne debris. ECEX Air Intake Screens stop contamination of your cooling tower by restricting micro-biological loading caused by insects and other biological matter.

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