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Fixing methods

Fixing options for ECEX Air Intake Screens

Direct fix to the equipment using self-tapping screws with bonded washers. (Screens for this method of fixing are fitted with circular grommets)

Quick-release, quarter-turn Twistlock fasteners screwed directly to the equipment. (Screens for Twistlock mounting are fitted with corresponding oval grommets)

NEW: No-screw Peel & Stick Twistlock fastener now available, featuring ultra-high strength, fast-curing 3M structural adhesive backing for permanent bond. (Can also be screwed if desired)

Cable ties for quick, temporary or semi-permanent installations.

OUR MOST POPULAR FIXING SYSTEM – Fast-fix PVC Track Mount System, complete with quick-release, quarter-turn Twistlock fasteners which slide within the track to ensure optimum tensioning of the installed screen. Enables rapid installation and suitable for any size of screen. Also available in aluminium for arduous applications.

Magna-Track™ Magnetic Track Mount System – SEE DETAILS BELOW.

 Magna-Track fast-fix Magnetic Track Mount System

Eliminates the use of screws and speeds installation. Using high-energy magnets, PVC or aluminium track and track connectors, Magna-Track™ system allows ECEX Air Intake Screens to be mounted in hard-to-reach locations and in areas where there is concern that screw fastening could damage internal components. Depending upon the size of the screens, additional magnetic connectors are added at required intervals (typically at max. 1200mm centres) along the track. Mounts flush to equipment, preventing air by-pass. Utilises our regular quick-release quarter-turn Twistlock fasteners to secure screen to frame for a strong, rigid assembly with optimum tension of the screen.

Download Magna-Track™ info sheet